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Sofía Salvo is a baritone sax player, improviser, and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Berlin, Germany.

Her performances include a strong combination between acoustic noisy sounds and dark introspective melodies.


Ancla 1

Sofía Salvo is an Argentinian baritone sax player and improviser born in Buenos Aires in 1994. She began playing alto sax at the age of 12 and studied classical music at Conservatorio de musica de Morón Alberto Ginastera and jazz at Escuela de Arte Leopoldo Marechal. She took lessons with Tony Malaby, Rodrigo Dominguez and Ramiro Flores.

Her carreer is now focused on free improvisation, and she's aiming to create interdisciplinary works with other artists. She turns both her amusement and uncertainty about life into weird shaped sounds and movements sparkling in real time, which make her perfomances be quite passionate and intense.

She's been part of Desvio, an improviser's orchestra that reunited some of the most creative musicians in Bs. As.' scene such as Pablo Diaz, Cecilia Quinteros, Hernan Samá, Marcelo Von Schultz, Gustavo Obligado and others. Desvio worked with composers that wrote pieces especially for this orchestra.

In the classical music world, she’s been part of the OEBA, Bs. As.’ student’s orchestra conducted by Guillermo Zalcman, for over 5 years, where she premiered a piece for sax quartet and orchestra and toured around Argentina.

Outside the free improvisation scene, she also has been part of other musical projects: La Negra Nieves, a powerful funk and soul women nonet which with she played for over 7 years and has edited 1 album (one more produced by Mariano Otero to be released soon), and toured around Argentina; and Cuarteto de Senioritas, a sax quartet that performs original compositions and arrangements of tango wich released their second album Affaire under the cultural sponsorship of the city of Bs. As. Sofía's been part of the 2019 Biennial of young art from the city of Buenos Aires goverment with her project La Negra Nieves.

Also, she has collaborated as a session musician for various pop rock argentinian artists, such as Los Besos, Coiffeur, Pommez Internacional, and Blau.

She's been teaching sax and music lessons since her 17 years old and also has given free improvisation workshops with her group Motor in Rosario and Buenos Aires.


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Ancla 3

Sofía Salvo 

Mas es mucho (2020)

Edited by Sello Postal

Composed, recorded, produced and mixed by Sofia. Mastered by Federico Fragala.

Listen HERE

Mas es mucho is a series of some of the audible characters that, like little fast creatures, haunt and embrace me daily since I learned to think. I was able to see them up close a few times, and because of their overwhelming grace I wanted to try to portray them. It's the first time that they accept to let me do it, and we agreed that they would let themselves be shown to others too. In the concentration they expressed themselves to their liking, restlessness and nervous, but keeping intact their voice of the day, and I, for moments disabled in front of so much information, arranged all my resources for the meeting (a mobile phone survivor of a swimming competition and a mini tablet). Maybe I convinced them when I told them that because they were mine, they were not the only ones, and that many of us are formed by small characters like them (as in the case of my dear Kido and Roa who also looked out the same window), and that when they left their house they could meet their collective. That's why I invite you to listen to them (with headphones or die trying) and investigate your own as well.

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El segundo es terrible 
Reiki y plusvalía (2019)

Edited by TVL REC

Guido Kohn - Cello
Sofía Salvo - Baritone Sax

Listen HERE

Motor (2020)

Edited by Nendo Dango Records

Gustavo Obligado - Alto Sax

Sofia Salvo - Baritone Sax

Marcelo Von Schultz - Drums

Florida Warnes

David Sapoznicoff - Cello

Gonzalo Mazzutti - Double Bass

Gino Crelier - Drums

Sofía Salvo - Alto and Baritone Sax

Listen HERE

Ancla 4




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