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Foto: Ana Iramain


Ancla 1

"ROTAROTA", out in Relative Pitch Records, is her first baritone sax sola material. A selection of eight improvised pieces.

Some of her active projects include "ESETv3" with Kido Gohn, "Revuelta de ave" with Lorena Izquierdo, "Seriously? Wow", with Margaret Unknown and Kido Gohn, and "SSS,sss?S!!" with dancer Siri Salminen.

She's also part of Robert Lucaciu's "Fallen Crooner" and Christian Kuhn's "Kuhn Fu". 


 Co-curates "Revuelta Series" with Lorena Izquierdo, aside other alternative events in Berlin.

She played Silent Green 2024 (Sola), Jazzwerkstatt Bern 2023 (Sola), Leipzigerjazztage 2022 (with Chris Pitsiokos and Frank Gratkowski) and 2021 (with Fallen Crooner) and Pancevo Jazzfest 2022 (with Kuhn Fu).

Born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin.

She has also been teaching saxophone and music lessons since 2010.

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